Food Facility Engineering's 60 years of experience in the successful planning, engineering and construction management of Food related Processing and Distribution facilities allows us to work as an extension of the majority of companies in the food industry.We have planned and designed millions of square feet of such facilities for U.S., Canadian and Latin American wholesalers and retailers.

Our planners, architects, engineers and construction professionals represent the top minds in the processing and distribution design arena. Our expertise and commitment is evident through the low maintenance, energy efficient and profitable facilities our clients operate. We continue:

Planning for Efficient Operations - Our engineers are qualified to analyze operations for elimination of unnecessary work thus reducing the cost. As a result of our diverse experience throughout the food industry, FFE has developed many industry innovations such as Alternating Push Back and Selective (APBS) rack systems, forced air banana ripening, consumer packaging and refrigeration system controls.

Accurate Plant Sizing - Our industrial engineering and material-handling department consists of degreed engineers, certified material-handling experts and veteran processing facility management. As a design tool, we have developed one of the most advanced facility sizing programs in the industry. FFE can size your plant expansion to a specific design year. A material-handling analysis with associated process flow diagrams for your project can also be provided.

Coordinated Detailed Design - Food Facility Engineering resources include process engineering, industrial engineering, material-handling design, architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, process, computer controls and refrigeration engineering.

Coordinating Cost Efficient Construction - Our project management and construction management departments possess the experience gained by managing the remodeling and construction of many million square feet of processing, distribution, and frozen food facilities nationwide. Cost estimates and construct ability analysis generated through planning studies draw upon this history and pricing database.

Gaining Experience with Similar Facilities - We have completed studies, master plans, engineering design, construction specifications and/or provided various levels of construction support on many projects including:

Ivar's Commissary
Taylor Shellfish
Coast Seafoods
Smith Frozen Foods
Telco Food Products
Publix Bakery
Mission Foods
Safeway Bakery
Bel-Air Bakery
Associated Food Stores
Jana's Classics
Tim's Cascade
Perishable Distributors, Inc.
Washington Beef
Gordon Food Service

Food Services of America
Market Wholesale
Fred Meyer
Top's Markets

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